Marc Thiercelin shooting across the world

Since last February, the French professional skipper Marc Thiercelin vogue to new horizons to participate in the filming of a new documentary series. Entitled “Meeting of Peoples of the Sea”, this new series from the franco-german TV channel ARTE, highlights the lifestyle of marine peoples all over the planet. During this shooting, Marc Thiercelin will share… Read more

Logbook of a globe-trotter

Backpack and visa ready, Pocket Wifi in the suitcase, Aurore make her dream come true by starting a tour around the world ! What’s the program ? New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, China and finally Japan (it is a dream, right? :)). A true globe-trotter, Aurore reveal here some excerpts from her travel log, and… Read more

Top 3 services to travel differently

We have all experienced traditional transportation during a journey. And after much experience, one thing is sure: the perfect mode of transport does not exist! Whether by train, plane, bus, taxi or our faithful friend to the four-wheel drive, each brings its advantages but also its disadvantages. If this is not a matter of excessive prices, comfort… Read more

5 tips for traveling better and cheaper !

Who said traveling cost a fortune? Certainly not us! No need to sell a kidney, your house, or contract a loan with several zeros. Today, more and more services are emerging to offer to all budgets the opportunity to escape across borders. And without neglecting quality! Roaming By Me lists all its best plans to travel cheaper and with comfort …… Read more

Business travel is moving !

No need to remember that digital has brought profound changes in the tourism sector: Just look at the innovations appeared in recent years. New services such as booking Airbnb, shared economy, mobility … Consumption patterns today are very different. But what exactly are the new trends in the market? What are the main technologies used? And… Read more

Getting started with data roaming

Data roaming is the ability for a cellular customer to automatically send and receive data over the internet when traveling abroad (meaning outside the geographical coverage area of his home network). For example, should you travel beyond your cell phone company’s transmitter range, your device would automatically hop onto another phone company’s service, if available. Which speed for… Read more