10 unusual things to do in San Francisco

Who has never dreamed of doing a selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge? An idea often found at the head of “Bucket Lists!” Regularly enveloped by its fog, San Francisco changes its atmosphere unveil for us in every moment of the day with its different facets. Once at the “City By Bay”, no way to get bored! From the unusual to the more classic, here are a list of things to do during your excursion to the famous city of California.
1. To take a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge

San francisco

Let’s start with a classic! How to place next to the famous red bridge, aka THE landmark of the city? Opened in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is today’s success globally. Come on, because we’re nice, we deliver you this little trick to get the best view (but shhh it’s still us): go to Battery Spencer. Easily accessible by Fishermans Wharf, the height of the Second World War will offer you the best panoramic vision. It’ll make nice pictures memories, is not it?  For most athletes who want to heat their calves, ride a bike and discover the bridge along its 3 km.

2. Shivering in Alcatraz

A place that is cold in the back, but so essential that one can only stop there! Known for hosting the biggest criminals as Al Capone, Alcatraz prison overlooking an island and is accessible only via ferry. The places contain different cells with fascinating stories of escape attempts (beware, Hollywood had better watch out!)

3. Take a breath of fresh air in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is the third most visited park in the United States. With its 412 hectares, majestic gardens, museums, or lakes, we understand why! The address is a must for families, sports or just people wanting to be in harmony with nature at the heart of the city.

4. Go to the shops in Union Square

The place to be for shopaholics who love to heat their credit card! Union Square is full of shops of all kinds and for all tastes. The Levi’s brand fans will also be filled: the area hosts a store on 4 floors of the brand, and offers the ability to customize your own denim. At night, it’s enough to take full eyes with illuminated facades such as the Westin Hotel.

5. Dive into the world of Chinatown

Chinatown in San Francisco is one of the largest and oldest outside Asia. It is more than a city … in a city! With its restaurants, shops, or its street musicians, the place takes us into another culture. Notice to followers of Fortune Cookie, a factory is present at this address.

6. Live a game at AT&T Park

Even if you are not sports fans, the AT&T Park is an ideal stopover to immerse yourself in American culture. Drink stands, foods, or multiple accessories with the image of his favorite team, the matches are punctuated by cries of fans and good smells of nachos or Garlic Fries.
7. Falling back into childhood in front of the house of Mrs. Doubtfire


Immortalized in 1993 during the filming of Doubfire Ms. Robin Williams, the famous home of the Hillard family still holds the address of 640 Steiner Street in San Francisco. If you go around, a detour will always nice to remember some scenes of the cult film. Past the building, we already reviewing Robin Williams, dancing to music with his vacuum cleaner. Cult!
8. Losing head to Lombard Street
One of the most famous streets in San Francisco: Lombard Street is known for its title of the most winding road of the United States. With 8 hairpin bends lined with flowers, this street has what the world’s greatest drivers challenger!
9. Take a walk to Cable Cars
True symbols of the city, the bus cables are others that cable-drawn trams. Floating in the hills of San Francisco, the transport offer nice walks while resting the feet of tourists.
10. Pass the LucasFilm Ltd.
Notice to master Yoda fans and Obiwan Kenobi! See you in the El Presidio Park, near the Golden Gate, a stopover outside the headquarters of Lucasfilm, the creator of the Star Wars saga. Unfortunately, space is not open to tourists. But you can pass the Yoda fountain and enjoy the view of some statues bearing the image of the film. For consolation, it is possible to visit the Cultural Arts Museum with all the work of George Lucas.