4 smartphone apps to download before travelling!

Have you ever wondered what you might really need while travelling? What was this little thing on your phone that could make your excursions never the same? Roaming By Me gives you precisely these “little tricks” and other secret applications that will give a different tone to your travel … Do not wait to read this article;-)

1) Tripwolf to organize your stay.


If you are looking for apps that allow you both to plan, manage your activities on site, and share your memories, do not move, you’ve found it! Tripwolf is the mobile application that allows you to select among 500 destinations your ideal living and create your own itinerary. In addition to allowing you to find the best places around you, and keep you from losing yourself through his cards, allows you to exchange Tripwolf thanks to its rich community. Recommendations & assessments, advice from experienced travel journalists, and shared memories in pictures, impossible to do wrong!
2) Weeleo to exchange foreign currency between individuals.


Because when it happens abroad to be a little anxious about running out of something, one hastens to go in the first foreign exchange desk. With Weeleo, no need to worry, simply download the app and login to share for free your foreign exchange. Weeleo accompanies youth meet of individuals, first through its community platform, then it is up to you to realize the exchange. Few minutes later, the country’s currency in your pocket!
3) Fizzer to send your memories without moving



You spent the day to capture magical moments spent with friends or family. You fold the evening thinking of those who are dear to you and away from you. But unfortunately you have to wait to come back from yours to share these moments … Actually, no, not quite. Because there is a mobile app: Fizzer. Simple and quick to install, Fizzer allows you to choose the photo you want in your smartphone and customize at will. Enter a word and then enter your address and Fizzer does the rest! A great tool to have fun and share good times without waiting!

4) Roaming By Me, in order to use all these applications …


Whether you’re in the sticks in Kenya or full road trip in the US, Roaming By Me is the solution to travel connected. No more bill shocks, and surprises at your return from holiday. Before the big start, toss ou Pocket Wifi Roaming By Me in your suitcase, with your full tank of data at the best price. And you access all your apps! It’s easy to use and just as light as it slips in a pocket and neither seen nor known. So do not wait, download all the apps useful to travel and see you soon on !