5 tips for traveling better and cheaper !

Who said traveling cost a fortune? Certainly not us! No need to sell a kidney, your house, or contract a loan with several zeros. Today, more and more services are emerging to offer to all budgets the opportunity to escape across borders. And without neglecting quality! Roaming By Me lists all its best plans to travel cheaper and with comfort …


Startup Hellotrip

Let’s start with the very beginning of your journey: the booking of airline tickets. A real headache when you have a limited budget and tight! You want to get away, but you do not necessarily have a destination in mind? So Hellotrip should please you! Ask your dates, your departure city and your budget, and the site will reveal its best ideas destinations respecting your criteria. Of course, the search engine also works the other way. You can directly indicate your destination, and Hop, forward the results sorted for the best price. Very practical, Hellotrip spans the globe, and you can also add a hotel. Simple as hello 🙂



This is a super good plan to travel cheaply and make the most of the local culture! Based on the concept of sharing, GoCambio is a platform to be sheltered and fed free in exchange for simple language course. For example, if a French is hosted free of charge by a Japanese, he should reserve a few hours of his time during his stay to give him private lessons. The idea is very similar to the concept of “couchsurfing”, but with a much stronger notion of exchange and over time. The platform now has 1,600 registered users and opens to more than 90 countries. The solution is ideal if you want to live in total immersion in the local culture. What back with beautiful memories in mind and new friends …

Roaming By Me

RoamingByMe English

When you list tips, how not to think about Roaming By Me? No need to present again the solution to travel connected even at the other end of the earth and worry-free. Adios bill shocks, and surprises at your return from holiday. Before the big start, drag our Pocket WiFi Roaming By Me in your suitcase, with data loaded at the best price. And yore ready  to  share photos  on social networks! Of course, Roaming By Me is released from all responsibilities for fits of jealousy of your friends …



When you travel, you always assign the same mission: eat local or nothing! But it’s not always easy, when we fall in major tourist cities, and that one does not necessarily know the best addresses. It is at this precise moment that Vizeat comes into play! Vizeat is more than the “Airbnb restaurant.” This platform can directly book a meal at the inhabitant, and that, anywhere in the world. A great idea to share a meal and a bit of the culture of each, cheaply!



Now you are at your destination, with your bags and with eyes that are just waiting to be filled with stars. It’s time to get serious, namely to visit the site! Generally two options available to you: you only get by with 1001 maps, or touch your purse and enjoy the services of specialized agencies with sometimes salty notes. But basically, who better than the residents themselves will show you around? It is this observation that Cariboo is born! The web platform connects visitors and residents for the realization of tours off the beaten track, and already trampled by tourists.