Business travel is moving !

No need to remember that digital has brought profound changes in the tourism sector: Just look at the innovations appeared in recent years. New services such as booking Airbnb, shared economy, mobility … Consumption patterns today are very different. But what exactly are the new trends in the market? What are the main technologies used? And what are the impacts on travel management programs? These are subjects on which the expert in business travel management, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has looked lately. Back to the results of its study entitled “Faster, Smarter, Better”

Conducted between December 2014 and May 2015 with 126 travel managers and travelers in 1080, the survey reveals very meaningful numbers. According to this study, 35% of travel managers are planning to incorporate new trends and technologies in their travel policies, 38% are considering this option and finally 56% planned to do next year! It is about to dramatically change the current model by making it more and more connected.

Beyond these results, Carlson Wagonlit Travel has identified five major trends in the business tourism sector: mobile technologies, personalization, sharing economy, the new booking services, and new solutions payment.


  • Mobile technology
    Mobile technology holds the top ranks and reveals its future impact on the business tourism management. Even within this large family, some trends emerge. We see it especially in the multi-channel solutions for all devices, applications “all-in-one” portable technologies and location-based services. The study also reveals that 18% of travelers at an airport examined had at least three supports mobility (smartphone, tablet and laptop), and that this figure will continue to increase in the near future. In the future, travelers will not only be better equipped, but also better connected with the provision of many services.


  • Customization
    Big Data, Social Media, New Distribution Capability program (NDC) … All these levers will go further on customization and customer experience. The study reveals that 75% of Travels Manager recognize that personalized services have considerable impact on the satisfaction of travelers throughout their journey.


  • Economy sharing
    With Airbnb for accommodation or Uber for transport, the use of collaborative service is becoming more common with travelers and reflects an important trend in the current economy. A finding supported by the study of CTW which reveals that 43% of Travel Managers consider sharing economy as essential in the world of transport and 31% in the world of hosting.
  • New booking solutions
    In addition to the above points mentioned above, travel managers are increasingly of interest to tariff monitoring technologies that could lead to significant savings. Note also that they are interested in efficient technologies facilitating interruption of business travel for employees.
  • New payment solutions
    New payment solutions are also among the points of interest of companies specializing in business travel. The latter are looking for more streamlined processes, and more effectively fighting against fraud. The “virtual card” disposable particular is mentioned as one of the solutions! With it, business travelers can adjust their spending via a central payment system. Travels 35% of managers have planned to integrate these new solutions to their travel policy, and 56% plan to do so next year.
  • To conclude, all these new emerging solutions will significantly improve the business travel management to increase the effectiveness of tools and so rapid process.
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