GLOBE TROTTER – The 10 essential rules to do well his suitcase !

Flights: check. Hotel Reservation: check. Charging data for the trip: Check (thank you Roaming By Me ;)). The departure is imminent, and you’re now faced with one last point: what to pack! Between happiness and suffering, your heart scales. A blow leave you overwhelmed, and you test your athletic performance, once you miss three quarters, and you slip into the skin of McGyver. But this time, it will be different! You will be in the “perfect action” through these ten tips signed Roaming By Me. Follow the guide …


  • 1. First step in this list: make a list

The lists are not only reserved for bewildered, believe us! They are very practical to forget nothing in his suitcase. An idea comes to you out of the shower, for example? So do not expect it from one ear to write it. Little advice for a successful list making mini thematic lists: clothing, toiletries kit, First aid kit, administrative papers, various equipment and High Tech range. Drag everything in your suitcase. Another little tip, start preparing your suitcase 2-3 days before the departure date in order to anticipate certain purchases.

2. Choose well your suitcase 


At every trip, its suitcase! It is well known, that we do not carry the same quantities or things depending on the destination and duration of the journey. Therefore, think first of all in the correct size of your suitcase. Another point, do not forget to meet the standards imposed by the airlines. Because a link is worth a thousand words, here all the conditions for each company:

–  Air France :
–  Ryanair
–  Easyjet
–  KLM
–  GermanWings
–  XL Airways
–  Air Transat
–  British Airways
–  Lufthansa

And to win a few grams (or kilos), please wear the bulkiest items directly on you and in your hand luggage.

3. Your emergency kit
Of course, be careful not to transport any hospital in your bag! A small kit consisting of essential is sufficient: medicine for a headache, fever or other pain. Prescription and non-prescription, remember to carry them in their original boxes and with their instructions. Also note that the contents of your emergency kit will depend much on your destination and your needs. Educate yourself well about it before!

4. Your toilet bag
Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush … it lists you all essential in our downloadable list at the bottom of this article for your convenience (it’s nice is not it? :)) Besides that, something that hurts all Rating: restrictions on liquids in hand luggage. No more than 100ml per container and keep in a small transparent bag 20×20 maximum, all no more than 1L. Follow the instructions of each company! Some liquids are nevertheless accepted without restriction, such as medicines and food products that meet a specific need.

5. Clothes
Hand clothing, the main rule is to take fewer ups than downs, because you can wear them several times. Your suitcase should contain 1 changes daily, with hot and light clothing, pajamas, waterproof, sturdy shoes and pants whatever the season. For a clever storage, store clothing and place held by aid kits and / or towels at the ends. It will avoid you all go out to find something. And to save space, roll your clothes and put your socks in shoes. Gain of space guaranteed!


  1. 6. Check the weather
    Tip for those who do not know what to bring: take a look at the weather, at D-3 departure to find out if you bring light clothing, or large polar!7. Leave a little space …
    “Here I still have a little space, I will add a pair of shoes” Fatal Error! When making your suitcase, leave free space to bring back some souvenirs of your trip. If you bring fragile items, wrap in bubble wrap and drag them into the clothes!8. Set High Tech
    How to miss this essential list? Here is a partial list:
    – Your phone to stay in touch
    – Your Pocket WiFi Roaming By Me to stay connected at all times, even during your trip with data credit
    – The camera to capture all your memories
    – The MP3 player to listen in transport
    – The tablet reading lamp or to watch a movie, play, or just read a book.
    – The adapters, depending on the country you are visiting (this will prevent you from suffering the exorbitant prices at the airport!)
    – And of course, batteries and chargers for all these people!For valuables, it is best to slip into your hand luggage.9. Weigh your luggage
    For that, nothing simpler, use a luggage weighs pro! It will save you pick your way through the balance. We also do not forget to put a cadena, and attach a tag with your contact details (you never know, if luck is not with you at the airport)10. Don’t for all your papers
    It would be stupid not to fly because you forgot your passport! Do not forget: plane tickets, identification, confirmation, vaccination record. Not forgetting also the cash, credit card, health insurance card and driving license. Embark also a dictionary, the Guide (s), it can be used on site!Fear of forgetting something? Follow our list of essential to add in your suitcase !