How are interpreted travel and expense reports by European companies

A study by Amadeus in 2015 with just under 600 European companies with travel budgets ranging from € 250K to € 50m reveals interesting statistics!

While more than half of business trips are dedicated to the commercial development of the service, three quarters of respondents in this survey think that these trips are additional costs for the company, not an investment. This could be explained by security costs deemed too high, as 76% of respondents.

However, despite this, almost half of respondents plan to “increase their activities abroad” in the next three years. In addition, although 85% believe that cost control is always a direct priority Paradoxically, half of the companies said not being able to further optimize its direct costs.

The study also points out that online booking tool could be a solution to reduce the cost of corporate travel budgets.

Then, 90% of companies monitor their spending and use of expenditure control and booking tools is growing.

These indicators therefore suggest that future business trips will be more effective in terms of costs for the company compared to the initial investment in business development.

The efficiency in the direct costs also involves the connection between the employee on a business trip and his country. For this, the new solution implemented by Roaming By Me allows businesses to make considerable savings. Pocket Wifi slips into a pocket, easy to install and light as any, this tool can stay connected for the duration of your trip at no extra cost. The companies will soon do without it and followers of business travel will be confident of staying in touch with their family during their trip. We were amazed!

For more informations on this study, visit the Amadeus site