Making the luggage before a business trip

Deluge of shampoo at the bottom of your toilet bag, cables of various intermingled chargers, carefully ironed shirt that ends finally crumpled … Admit it, you have experienced at least one of those situations during a trip? Do not worry, these small mishaps will never arrive you with our top 5 tips to prepare your business!

First of all, back on an essential point: your suitcase. If the opportunity arises, travel light and get rid of all unnecessary clutter cases you. Similarly, if your stay does not exceed five days, choose the hand luggage (on wheels preferably classier and more convenient to spare your back). But as the saying goes, business trip is not necessarily equivalent to vacation fun (unfortunately). Always running around behind a plane if it is not behind a taxi, you probably do not have time to go to a store to fill the gaps. It is important not to forget anything, so making lists as needed for any checker!

The black will be your friend
When we pack our suitcase, we always tend to take more sophisticated outfits that will not always be compatible with the “lightness” desired. The golden rule? Take mismatched outfits to mix your look. And like all the colors do not necessarily go together, black will be your best friend to combine at will! Also take a blue tie, a good basic that goes with everything generally.

Master the art of folding
Nothing is more tragic than going out of business crumpled once arrived at the hotel! Unless you take an iron compact utra or seek the services of laundry, fully control the basics of folding. We assure you, this trick has saved us more than once! To win the war folds, roll your pants and please wear your blazer right on you during the trip. If you need a second jacket, tuck the sleeves of it and then fold backwards so that the inside of the jacket is visible. Zero guaranteed fold! For an impeccable shirt collar, have a belt on the inside, it will not move a muscle during the journey. Not a bad idea, right? On arrival at the hotel, it will do more than suspend business in need.

Store smartly

  • valise

Like all professionals, you cannot do live without your computer or even your phone, even a few minutes from boarding. Tip: store all your work equipment in an easily accessible compartment. This will allow you to take them out easily, but also to put them quickly on transition security at the airport.

To avoid making the Chinese puzzle with your cables and chargers, use glasses cases or small pouches. Toilet bag side The cellophane will be of great help for shower gel or shampoo bottles!

Always provident
Back up, back up, and back up again! One is never safe from the loss of a suitcase, a forgotten USB stick, or a fragile computer. Ideally, take only copies with you! For folders and all the papers, go with photocopies if possible.

Avoid to check in your luggage
The race against time is part of your daily life? Then avoid as possible to check in your luggage. Like an arrow, towards the gate! Last tip (very) practical, use a business card as a travel label. In 1 minute chrono, your suitcase is prepared to travel!