Marc Thiercelin shooting across the world

Since last February, the French professional skipper Marc Thiercelin vogue to new horizons to participate in the filming of a new documentary series. Entitled “Meeting of Peoples of the Sea”, this new series from the franco-german TV channel ARTE, highlights the lifestyle of marine peoples all over the planet. During this shooting, Marc Thiercelin will share his encounters with those who live by the sea, their beliefs, their knowledge and their daily lives. Before leaving for this new adventure, culturally rich, Roaming By Me slipped a Pocket wifi in the pocket of the famous sailor.


Marc Thiercelin, that’s 4 Vendée Globe, 5 round the world solo, and above all, over 700 000 km of navigation! The experienced navigator spent not less than 10 years of his life on the oceans. And this love for the sea continues with filming the second episode of “Sea Peoples.” In direct contact with Marc, we will unveil today several photos of his trip and his feedback on the use of Roaming By Me service. Aboard the Nofy Bé (“dream” in Malagasy), we’re today heading for the west coast of Madagascar!

“Upon my arrival in Madagascar, I turned on the Pocket Wifi and it worked immediately! I took the road to Morondava to go to meet the Vezo, a nomadic people of the sea. This migratory journey was certainly very exhausting, but absolutely amazing! With the Vezo, we were in the heart of the action at sea aboard sailing canoes. And the good news: I remained connected to follow my businesses and share my adventures at each stop in the cities! Nothing to say, Roaming By Me brought me safety and productivity.”


Marc thiercelin voyage madagasacar



marc thiercelin voyage arte

Next stop of the shooting : Bali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Easter Island, Belize, Brazil, Mozambique, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Senegal, Fiji, South Korea, Cambodia, Cameroon, Mexico, Benin, Venezuela, India.