Roaming By Me helped me after an accident

Many customers trust Roaming By Me to stay connected worldwide. Upon returning from their trip, we always enjoy listening to their feedback on the use of our services. Today we’ll go to Julien, back from Sri Lanka! A trip that was quickly rocked by an accident …

Julien Hello! Tell us all why Sri Lanka?

We wanted to go to Sri Lanka for a while already. A dream that became a reality last month! Suitcases packed, passport in hand, here we are on the plane to fly over the Indian Ocean. In order to stay connected with our family and work, we bought a Roaming  By Me SIM and inserted it in a dual SIM smartphone from Crosscall. Ready for a little road trip, we started our tour in the country’s eastern center. Our journey continued inland, and then at the center of Sri Lanka.

And there … drama happened ?

Stopover in town, bad luck comes without warning: I fall sharply, and that seriously hurt me. Immobilized, we call the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, it refuses to support myself for lack of room. Victim of the law of series, I suffered a second refusal from another hospital. Facing this situation, we had to quickly find a solution. We decide to contact our insurer in France by logging in through the services of Roaming By Me. In seconds, the connection was very fast and worked well. This was a relief to be able to contact people speaking our language thousands of kilometers away !

The verdict from our insurance was that it was not be possible to get a surgery where I was. It decided to repatriate me to the capital, Colombo, to receive care. Once there, I was treated in a very good hospital where I could undergo two surgeries. A trip that I did not forget!

What experience will you remember from Roaming By Me service ?

Being connected through the services of Roaming By Me allowed me to completely break the deadlock! Being in a foreign country where people do not speak your language has been very stressful. You feel helpless quickly ! But we must act quickly, and when we’re not in physical condition to walk, it is very complicated. Fortunately, we were able to quickly call France. Through discussions with our insurance, we could follow the different steps. Since the hospital, we were able to also contact French doctors and relatives. That was our main point of contact.

Would you recommend Roaming By Me with your loved ones?

Yes clearly! Traveling abroad with a Roaming By Me SIM card is a real security. Upon returning to France, we lent the SIM to a close friend for his trip to China. Hoping he will not have to use it in the same conditions 🙂

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