Top 3 collaborative services to adopt during your journey

Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Home Exchange … Sharing services are on the rise for some years. And this phenomenon is not ready to stop there! More and more companies are riding the wave of sharing economy to the delight of consumers. It is true that with ultra reduced bills and premium services, you quickly understand why. The good news in all this? Tourism is the first area affected by this trend! Transportation through catering and accommodation, good ideas abound. Before making your suitcase, consider taking a quick look at these three services between individuals that could revolutionize your stay! Thanks WHO ? Thanks Roaming By Me:)



Who has not spent hours searching for the perfect accommodation for his trip? Each time, it’s the same old story: you open ten thousand tabs in your browser to compare each site and offers available online (which usually ends with a “Good I will see tomorrow”) And as the hotel is not your thing, you surf rather on Airbnb, BedyCasa, or Homelidays, where research is more complicated. You know what ? We found THE solution, use Opitrip! This comparator of collaborative rentals compiles all the best offers to help you make your choice. The right address is not limited to accommodation. It also will offer other collaborative services such as car sharing and car rental. Practical no?



Back from a trip, you are filled with plenty of good memories in the head. But only now … you’re badly surprised when paying the parking! At this point, your brain switch into “comparison” mode with typical phrases like “I could pay me a good restaurant for that price” or “Well I say, with that I could have an extra hotel night! “Parking is known to be a necessary expense but too often exorbitant. And if we told you that you could save money on this side? Anyone? Then head on TripnDrive, and enjoy a car-sharing service between travelers! The principle is very simple: you travel, you leave your car at the parking lot and it is rented during your stay. In short, everyone wins!


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Here is an application that should please you! Weeleo allows you to avoid paying foreign exchange bureau commissions on your currency. The idea? The application connects individuals who have different currencies in order to achieve a system of “barter” at no cost. When we know that a currency exchange can charge us 12% of the amount exchanged, our choice is very quick! We love the idea, which could be very useful especially at the airport for arrivals and those returning home.