Top 3 destinations to celebrate the new year !

The day of the year 2015 is fast approaching and you still dig your brain to know how to celebrate the passage of the new year? You want to mark the occasion and organize a Christmas Eve that sends the cotillion? Carefully follow our instructions: go to your wardrobe, choose your best held from 31 (with glitter is better), get some coils and blowguns, and finally put everything in your suitcase. This year you celebrate the New Year go abroad! So not a bad idea, right? Consult our fast Top 3 ideal destinations in the world for an unforgettable December 31, 2015.
In New York, United States

New york nouvel an

New York Ah! We can already see it with our cap, gloves and a few party favors our hands while watching the famous descent of the “Ball Drop” in Times Square. This New York tradition meets every year hundreds of thousands of people and is still dreaming tourists from around the world (we first). A precise 23:59 a special guest presses the button and triggers the fall of this impressive luminous ball perched 43 meters high. In a delirious crowd and the sound of trumpets, the ball falls for 1min and triggers on arrival the famous countdown of 10 seconds, taken by heart by all the public. A sacred atmosphere! But beware, the attraction is often reserved for the bravest. New York is indeed not known for its tropical temperatures. The icy cold and a long wait can sometimes deter attend the ceremony …
In Sydney, Australia

sydney nouvel an

For the more cautious, we advise you to stop over in Sydney, Australia, where temperatures graze 30 ° C in December. New Year in the capital is a must! And because the city is one of the first to switch to the new year and no shortage of festivities to mark the occasion. Every December 31, the event brings together no less than 1 million people to enjoy non-stop party 34h. The festivities usually start from 13h with a gun, then ensue from various shows around 18h. Fireworks begin to point the tip of their nose to 21h for the happiness of the smaller, but it will be at midnight that the most beautiful resound over the bay! In an explosion of colors and lights, the Australian sky marks a grand and unforgettable show. Described as the most beautiful in the world, has fireworks as the central point Bride Harbour, near the Sydney Opera House. If you want to make the most of the event, you are advised to admire the spectacle from a boat. You will take full eyes!

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio nouvel an

Known for its famous carnival, the city of Rio De Janeiro still reserve you beautiful surprises for the new year! Bars, clubs, beaches … All spaces are occupied to party through the night in a colorful atmosphere. Tourists and residents usually gather on the beach of Copacabana and Ipanema to enjoy a selection of Brazilian music. To you the Samba and Forro! Your ears will take great pleasure, as well as your peepers. Indeed, major hotels these beaches are adorned with a cascade of light along their façade to illuminate this famous Rio De Janeiro address! Not to mention of course the wonderful fireworks representing the apotheosis of the evening.