Top 3 services that will revolutionize your business

In the world of travel, many services have emerged to facilitate not only our travel but our way to stay or to leave. But looking more closely, we can see that most of these services are mainly aimed at the same target: that of individuals. What about the next business travelers? Are there any new developments that can meet the different needs of professionals? Roaming By Me team presents its 3 findings to test urgently!

1. Magic Event, to find its housing (and much more)


During a trade show or other major event, the surrounding hotels sometimes struggle to meet peak demands. This situation complicates traveling at the last minute for example! Fortunately, alternatives exist (even to the point that it would be difficult to return to a traditional hotel ). One of them is Magic Event, alias the “French Airbnb for professionals.” This platform exclusively reserved for business tourism, offers around 8,000 private dwellings across 40 countries. Apartments, aparthotel … there’s something for everyone! The difference compared to other rental sites? Magic Event full of complementary services to meet perfectly the needs of professionals. Among the selection criteria, visitors can select their accommodation according to the event in question, and thus estimate the travel time to the desired address. Baby sitter, airport transfer, troubleshooting a key 4G, home restoration … A multitude of related services are added to the list to reduce the stress of traveling and make it more enjoyable trip. The side of travel managers, the platform also reserve their full tools, such as creating invoices, to better manage employee travel. With all these many and varied features, we understand better why Event Magic managed to get the price of the best company in the BtoB Business Travel awards of 2015 🙂

2. Welkeys the Airbnb concierge


Notice for Airbnb fans, we found THE service that will facilitate your short term rental! It is Welkeys, a collaborative website linking private owners and caretakers. Airbnb has managed to attract many tenants, but still a catch: logistics. Check-in or check-out, at night, to manage household or check, management of cloth or other material at the last minute … We bet the owners would dream to be exempt from this type of task. This is where Welkeys comes into play! With this new service, they may delegate logistics to a private concierge next to the housing in question. Such an advantage for the tenant who will benefit from a faster service and gain confidence. Welkeys already offers more than 500 profiles of Anglophone superintendents throughout France. Note that the service tends toward internationalization! Good news for globetrotters 🙂

3. Bird office to find a meeting room


Book a meeting room in 10 minutes for 2 to 400 people in a specific geographical area? Too easy ! Just go to the site Bird Office, described as the “Airbnb for meeting rooms.” The creation of this startup come from a simple fact: real estate is an exorbitant cost for companies (and thus the first expense line to manage its activity). Meanwhile, other companies have gaps that can be exploited and thus monetized. The solution to these two problems together? Bird Office! With one click, companies can rent their spaces by the day or by the hour and the beneficiaries of this service, for their part, enjoy meeting space or coworking cheaply. In short, everyone found there! Bird through Office, tenants can also benefit from additional services such as breakfast, the meal trays or the presence of hostesses. The site will open in a large majority of French and European cities. It closely monitors the activity of Bird Office hoping to appear to other capitals across the world!