Top 3 services to travel differently

We have all experienced traditional transportation during a journey. And after much experience, one thing is sure: the perfect mode of transport does not exist! Whether by train, plane, bus, taxi or our faithful friend to the four-wheel drive, each brings its advantages but also its disadvantages. If this is not a matter of excessive prices, comfort and journey duration can quickly repel us. Fortunately, in recent years, innovative services have been created to facilitate our movements across the world. We have selected our Top 3, to travel differently for your next business trip or holiday …!

Vivanoda to find the perfect route

No need to hide it: to find the perfect itinerary for his trip is a real headache! Especially when we are not really familiar with the cards … Of course, the arrival of the Web has made it easier (let’s face it), but we continue to cross-check information. And this is even more complicated when it comes to look for a route within a foreign country. Which mode of transportation would be most appropriate? Which will lighten its budget? OUT the long hours spent looking behind the screen for answers. Vivanoda does it all! The site offers travelers to find the smartest route to get from one city to another through a system of comparison between each push mode transport. airline, train, bus, car pooling, ferries … the site combines all possibilities and will even indicate the roads to follow and the halls to railway stations and airports. Phobic of the aircraft or bus will that adhering to the concept; the site sorts each route based on your preferences transport.

Seatswappr to change seats among passengers aboard a plane

Before taking flight, we often are a little apprehensive about how the journey will unfold. Are we going down beside the window, dreaded by phobic of flying? Or next to a baby crying determined from takeoff to landing? Facing stressed travelers, Americans were given the idea to create the SeatSwappr application! This new service enables passengers to send requests to change seats on a flight before boarding. In addition to its trading functionality, the platform also offers the opportunity to sell his place. And in case of bad surprise after boarding the younger Seateroo application allows passengers to select another seat.


Taxi Ensemble for a co-Taxi !

Although it is more convenient and flexible, the taxi is also well known for its high rate compared to other means of transport. But why not just share with other travelers who go to the same place you or stop on your way? This idea came together Taxi! The platform connects the eager taxi customers to make carpooling and thus share the fare. By using this service, travelers and combine all the advantages of ultra comfort cab, which deposits them at exactly the right place, sometimes taking the bus routes to save time. All with a much reduced price, and in an eco-responsible spirit. Because of better vehicles filled generate less greenhouse gas and less pollution! And good news, this principle works with all taxis in France. We look forward to one thing: when the service will open globally? 🙂