Top 5 most unusual accommodation to discover on Airbnb

Winter is a little long, and maybe you want to relax, go with friends to a place that is changing, surprise your spouse, or just change your habits to disorient you once and for all … So do not wait , RoamingByMe has selected 5 completely unusual accommodation not to miss on Airbnb !

1. In a house perched in the trees in Costa Rica

This little house perched in trees to discover the beauty of the rainforest. It is ideal for nature lovers who will feel in harmony with the elements ! With hot and cold natural springs furnished in natural pools, this place is authentic and does not find its equal in Costa Rica !

Costa Rica Airbnb costa-rica-airbnb-2 costa-rica-airbnb-3 Costa Rica Airbnb

Inside on AirBnB 

2. On the Seine aboard a barge

Located in the heart of Paris, this delightful houseboat will give you the leisure of playing time for a sailor French escape! Arranged so that those who pass are at home, the barge Saint-Antoine is a few minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. And if you planned to come this summer, you will not be disappointed: the roof of the houseboat becomes a terrace for sunny weather and plants that the dress will give you a feeling of refreshment …
So what are you waiting for ?

paris-aribnb-peniche-1 paris-aribnb-peniche-2

Inside on AirBnB 

3. In a shell house in Mexico

Have you ever dreamed of living in a shell ? This original villa with rounded shapes will transport you to the ocean, located on Isla Mujeres, a few kilometers from the Mexican east coast. Outside and inside, this villa on the theme “sea” will relax you and offer you all the fun of the coast …

mexique-Airbnb-coquillage-1 mexique-Airbnb-coquillage-2 mexique-Airbnb-coquillage-3

Inside on AirBnB 

4. In a windmill in Portugal

Close to Torres Vedras, this former mill brings calm and serenity. Located atop a hill, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 ° view over the beautiful areas of western Portugal. Forty kilometers from Lisbon and about fifteen kilometers from the beach, this place is ideal for those who would like to enjoy the countryside while enjoying the amenities of the city or the beach.

portugal-airbnb-moulin-1 portugal-airbnb-moulin-2

Inside on AirBnB 

5. In a bus in Spain

Spend a few nights on a bus, you will have already thought of? Inside, everything is done for you to be there comfortably and these few days on the Balearic Islands will transport you to another dimension…The sea as a backdrop for breakfast, the possibility to tour the coast on board this mobile home, what more out of the ordinary ?

espagne-airbnb-bus-1 espagne-airbnb-bus-2

Inside on AirBnB 

6. Roaming By Me, in order to keep in touch with friends and family during your unusual spree !


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So do not wait and soon on Airbnb and !
You will not forget this holiday, believe us !