What is data roaming ?

Why do I need an internet SIM ?

Is it secure to use WiFi in a hotel or cafe abroad ?

Do you ship to my country ?


In which devices RoamingByMe SIM card works ?

Does RBM SIM works for a specific country only ?

Does RBM SIM expire ?

Which SIM size do you ship ?

Can I use Roaming By Me SIM card with a locked phone/device?

Essential, Safari and Pay Per MB zones

Does my credit works in a specific country only ?

What is a Day Pass ?

How can I top up my account ?

Does my credit expire ?

How do I get notifications on my data usage ?

What happens if my balance goes down to 0 euro ?

What is Roaming By Me network coverage ?

Will I be able to make calls using Roaming By Me SIM ?

What is your fair use policy ?

Getting started

Once I get my SIM, how do I activate it ?

How do I insert a SIM card ?

How do I set up internet (APN) ?

Can I use the Hotspot (tethering) option on my mobile device with RoamingByMe SIM card?

What do I do if I cannot connect to a local cellular network ?

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