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Travel connected across the planet

Turn on your Pocket WiFi (mini box WiFi mobile and secure). Connect all your devices and get unlimited internet.
Benefit from value-added services to facilitate the development of your business.

Reduce your roaming data costs by +90%

Thanks to our unlimited World data plans, your budget is predictable, your expenses capped (anti bill shock).

Protect your company's data

Use our encrypted WiFi to connect to your corporate network. Your smartphones, tablets and computers are safe.

Make your employees more productive

thanks to world unlimited data 24/24 and to a Pocket WiFi with large battery autonomy. What more to travel comfortably.

Reduce your roaming data costs

Manage your growth

Manage your orders simply from our extranet. Easily deploy our solution in your organization and international affiliates

Integrate billing easily

Get detailed billing. Easily manage the assignment of your cost centers. Receive detailed reporting of consumption and savings

Reinforce the protection of your travelers

In case of emergency or threat in a country, immediately identify your travelers following their last attempt of connection to a local mobile network and communicate with them (Duty of Care)

The first worldwide unlimited 4G LTE plan

Unlimited World 4G LTE plan

Recommended for regular travelers

With subscription

Billed monthly

Global coverage

Roaming data*, an exorbitant cost outside the EU

Roaming in the EU

Inside the EU

The consumed data is deducted from your national package

Roaming outside the European Union

Outside the EU

Data is more expensive than a plane ticket
1 GB outside the EU > 1000 €

* data consumption abroad (3G, 4G LTE and 5G cellular data)

** the 27 countries of the European Union + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway

Save up to 99%

Roaming data price comparison betwen french mobile operators and Roaming By Me

Public tariffs in € - June 2024

Use case of a traveler spending 300 MB out of European Union

Is approx:    emails with attachment 750 emails with attach.     ou     minutes of navigation 420 min. of maps     ou     minutes of voice call 495 min. of voice call     ou     minutes of browsing 600 min. of browsing     ou     minutes of gossip 375 minutes of gossip     ou     minutes of video 30 min. of video

They trust us

Thomas testimonial

Having landed in Honk-Kong, I got connected instantly, booked a car with Uber, get directions with Google Maps and used iTranslate to communicate. The Roaming By Me Pocket WiFi has become my travel companion.

Thomas Duvaux
Business developer

Paola testimonial

Back from my previous trip to Brazil during 5 days, I had the bad surprise to receive a phone bill of 2300€ ! Since then, I subscribed a plan with Roaming By Me. Every time I return, I turn on my Pocket WiFi and I can finally work efficently.

Paola Serena
Co-founder & CEO

They talk about Roaming By Me

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