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Don't look for WiFi, enjoy the journey safely

A Pocket WiFi that changes the game

Roaming By Me pocket WiFi thinner than an iPhone

Mobile WiFi

It grabs a cellular connection in 160 countries, and turns it into your own personal WiFi signal. Genius :)


Switch it on &. Smartphone, tablet, laptop... everything connects up to 10 users.


Eliminate risks of cyber attack on public wifi in hotels, restaurants

What's under the hood

Save up to 90%

Data roaming out of EU (3G / 4G / LTE) is sometimes more expensive than a plane ticket.

Roaming data price comparison betwen french mobile operators and Roaming By Me

Public tariffs in € - Plan with no commitment - August 2016

Traveler's use case spending 50 MB abroad

Is approx:    emails with attachment 125 emails with attach.     ou     minutes of navigation 71 min. of maps     ou     minutes of voice call 83 min. of voice call     ou     minutes of browsing 100 min. of browsing     ou     minutes of gossip 62 minutes of gossip     ou     minutes of video 8 min. of video

A simple price. No subscription. Prepaid

Day Pass from 5.99€. Your prepaid credit does not expire and decreases automatically. You only pay when you use the service.

World leader with 160 connected countries

They trust us

Thomas testimonial

Having landed in Honk-Kong, I got connected instantly, booked a car with Uber, get directions with Google Maps and used iTranslate to communicate, for less than 10€/day. The RoamingByMe Pocket WiFi has become my travel companion.

Thomas Duvaux
Business developer

Paola testimonial

Back from my previous trip to Brazil during three days, I had the bad surprise to receive a phone bill of 900€ ! Since then, every time I return, I turn on my RoamingByMe Pocket WiFi and spend only 30 to 40€ per trip. I can finally communicate serenely.

Paola Serena
Co-founder & CEO

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Worldwide delivery

2 to 3 day in EU and Switzerland. From 4 days out of EU.

Activate your service

At reception, register online your Pocket WiFi or SIM once for all.


At destination, switch on your Pocket WiFi. Connect your smartphone, laptop...

Choose your device

Pocket with data SIM

The simplest. Switch on, you're connected. Share your WiFi.

White Pocket  Roaming By Me

P O C K E T   W i F i


data SIM included
works in 160 countries

Switch on, you're done ! Smartphone, tablet, laptop, everything connects ! Up to 10 users.

Pocket WiFi

Data SIM only

Perfect in a dual SIM smartphone, or tablet

Roaming By Me Data SIM

D A T A   S I M


works in 160 countries

In a tablet or a dual SIM smartphone, enjoy the data at the best price with the RoamingByMe SIM. Keep your regular SIM to receive calls / SMS.

Nano SIM size


Micro SIM size

Micro / Mini