About Roaming By Me

Roaming By Me is a global Internet mobile operator. Our aim is to make leisure and business travelers experience the world like a local. Our mission is to liberate mobile usage of Internet when traveling abroad: unlimited Internet data, pay as you go, no contract, low rates.

Our technology selects automatically the cheapest local mobile network in 150 countries, saving you up to 90% of your roaming bill. We are headquartered in France.

The team

Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star
W. Clement Stone

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The tech & travel enthusiast

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The perfectionist

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Dev & Telco Specialist

The swiss knife

The roaming paradox

Data Roaming is the ability for a cellular customer to get Internet while traveling abroad. Back home, he usually undergoes a bill shock due to very expensive roaming rates from his traditional carrier. When he travels abroad again, he usually becomes a silent roamer. More than 80% don’t use data from abroad, a real paradox while, abroad more than ever, travelers need to stay connected to get directions, use travel apps, social sharing, emails, VOIP calls, messaging ...

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