Biz Travel Alliance

10 companies brought together to innovate in the business travel sector

AirRefund positions itself as one of Europe's leading specialists in the collection of compensation on behalf of passengers in the event of flight cancellation

Bird Office is the meeting room rental site

Business Table is an innovative solution launched in 2012 that makes business meal 100% operational.

Expensya is a web and mobile business expense management solution that transforms the way you manage your expenses

Hubtobee is a business platform for putting colleagues in touch during their business trips

First collaborative website for accommodation and services, exclusively dedicated to business tourism

The business travelers' mobile operator that beats roaming costs

SnapCar offers a high-end chauffeur-driven service specifically designed for business travelers

TravelEnsemble develops intra-company platforms for booking and sharing business trips with taxi

Carbookr est la plateforme de location de véhicules dédiée aux entreprises et aux voyageurs d’affaires